Fox Valley Lunch & Learn "The Power of Online Marketing"

Sales and Marketing for Business Series: "The Power of Online Groups"

Business Owner, Sales Rep or Marketing Manager?

Social Media and Online Groups can communicate across all demographics and it can be a powerful tool to engage, influence and motivate. But, it has become too much or too diluted. So, what can business owners, marketing managers and entrepreneurs do?

Consider the Power on Online Groups. What and where is the best way to use it? What are the techniques to employ in group creation and participation. What should your subject matter be? How do you maximize its use once you know what you want to communicate?

Learn from a team of experts how to Online Groups in the promotion of your business — both as a DIY strategy and when hiring a professional.

Come and share your challenges and solutions in using Social Media and the Power of Online Groups for Business. Learn from your fellow "Voices of the Fox" and some of our hand picked experts. Share your experiences with each other. Gain some direction for your next step.

All these 'opportunities' and more. "Learn from the Voices of the Fox!"

Come join us for Lunch (paid at event) and Learn about Customer Retention Issues affecting your Business ($10 fee members, $15 for non-members).

Get ready for your next level.

This Workshop is designed for all business community members that want to increase their business knowledge and effectiveness!

Panel Discussion
Interactive program
Handouts and Homework Challenge

Leverage your membership in the Fox Valley Chamber. Learn to run and grow your business at this workshop and at our regular monthly events. Our members will help you.

Panel Members:
Stephan Perrault, owner and creative director, Wellspring Creative (Moderator)
Panelists to be named

Sponsorships available:


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9/30/19 "The Power of Online Groups". The Walrus Room, Geneva